Terms of use of Raspifeed.com

1. General
1.1. By registering a blog on the website Raspifeed.com and its subpages (hereinafter "Raspifeed.com" called) a contract comes into being between you and the operators of Raspifeed.com. The operator is Mediee, Jan Karres, located in Heideweg 20, 82140 Olching, Germany.
1.2. By registering on Raspifeed.com you agree the terms of the contract.
1.3. By registering you explicitly agree, by ticking the respective checkbox, that Raspifeed.com publishes the title and parts of the blogarticles with an idication of souce on their Website, Facebook fanpage, Twitter account and RSS Feed. The indication of source is usually the mention of the author and a link to the respective article.
1.4. In case you have not reached the age of 18 at the time of registration on Raspifeed.com you are obligated to promtly tell a parent or legal guardian about your registration.
2. Rights and obligations of the user
2.1. By registering on Raspifeed.com you are obligated to specify your data truthfully.
2.2. In order to register a blog on Raspifeed.com you need to be its operator or have explicit permission by its operator to do so.
2.3. You are obligated not to execute any attempts of sabotage on Raspifeed.com.
2.4. You have to hold the rights to the content you publish (e. g. article or facebook-link) including the work itself, all individuals in or on it, objects and intellectual property of third partys.
2.5. Publishing and therefore registering a blog on Raspifeed.com that shows one or more of the following content is forbidden:
1. Content that violates the law of germany and the one of your country.
2. Only G-rated contend may be published within Raspifeed.com (not allowed content of this type includes e. g. pornography).
3. No bawdy, pestering, discriminatory, anticonstitutional, racist, extremist, or in any other way offensive content may be written or shown.
4. The truthless presentation of individuals, products or other things is forbidden.
5. No content that violates rights of third partys especially personal rights, copyrights, trademark rights, and patent rights my be written or shown.
2.6. As a logged-in user you can delete you account at any time. A deletion will result in a deletion of all the data you specified within 24 hours. This does not include backups that were made before the deletion of you data.
2.7. You are obligated to use a safe password that must be kept secret.
2.8. In case you notice or assume the unauthorized use of your accout you are obligated to immediately tell the support of Raspifeed.com.
3. Rights and obligations of Raspifeed.com
3.1. Raspifeed.com may save all entrys you make on the Website Raspifeed.com and all products of Raspifeed.com.
3.2. Raspifeed.com may create backups of the system at any time and keep them for an undefined period. In this connection all data of all users (including deleted users) will be kept for the event of a dispute.
3.3. By registering on Raspifeed.com you agree that Raspifeed.com may send you e-mails about Raspifeed.com or other services of the operators at any time. In this connection your data will neither be given to third partys nor used for advertising third partys.
3.4. Raspifeed.com is obligated to make all possible efforts to ensure the safety of your data.
3.5. Raspifeed.com does not guarantee a permanent availability of its service. Breakdowns may occour announced and unannounced.
3.6. Raspifeed.com may permanently save the IP-adresses of logged-in users during the login or any other interaction with the servers of Raspifeed.com for analyses and safety reasons.
3.7. You agree that Raspifeed.com analyses the behaviour of its users and visitors using Piwik. The gathered data will not be given to third partys and will only be used to improve the product.
3.8. Raspifeed.com is allowed to end the contractual relationship and block, delete or completely delete the accout at any time. The possible deletion of the data will be executed following the conditions of 2.6.
3.9. Raspifeed.com may remove the content of the user in case an evidence occours that indicates that the user violated the terms of use at any time. In this connection the user will not necessarily be informed about this process.
4. Liability for user generated content
4.1. For user generated content, the user or rather his parents or legal guardians are responsible.
4.2. Raspifeed.com does not accept any liability for user generated content.
5. Consequences of violation of the terms of use
5.1. Raspifeed.com may temporarily or permanently exclude you from its services at any time without warning in case you violate Raspifeed.coms terms of use, the german law or the law of your country. The possible deletion of the data will be executed following the conditions of 2.6.
5.2. In very serious cases Raspifeed.com reserves the right to take legal action against users or former users.
5.3. In case a user presses charges against a third user we will cooperate with the respective authorities and give them all gathered information about the user.
5.4. In case Raspifeed.com finds out a user infringemented the copyright it will block the respective account as soon as possible and delete the copyright violations as soon as possible.
6. Liability for links
6.1. Raspifeed.coms service includes links to external websites. Despite careful checks we do not accept any liability for the content of those websites. The operator of the linked website bears the responsibility of its content.
6.2. As the websites were linked Raspifeed.com checked them in all conscience for statutory violations. However a continuous checking without evidence can not be performed by Raspifeed.com.
7. Changes in the terms of use
7.1. We reserve the right to change, expand or adjust our terms of use to new legal conditions at any time. 7.2. You will be informed about a change in the term of use in an e-mail. The new terms of use will take effect if you do not disagree them within 14 days after their first accessibility. 7.3. Raspifeed.com reserves the right to end the contractual relationship between Raspifeed.com and the user, using a change in the terms of use following the conditions of 3.8. The possible deletion of the data will be executed following the conditions of 2.6.
8. General legal clauses
8.1. In case one or more conditions of the terms of use of Raspifeed.com become or are invalid, the effectiveness of the remaining contidions stay untouched.
8.2. On Raspifeed.com the german law applies. So does the law of the country the user is located in. In case these laws have different regulations in a certain event, the german law will always have priority.

Last updated: 16 April 2014